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Do it once and do it right with your architectural new build.

  • Keen to get your dream home underway but don’t know where to start?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made?
  • Not sure who to turn to for the right answers?

It’s not surprising. There are a lot of things to think about, and a lot rests on getting it right!

Rest assured, we are here for you. We know that building your own home is one of the biggest financial & emotional investments you will make in your lifetime, and helping you fulfil the ambition of living in your dream home is paramount to us.

Choosing the right architect.

We cannot stress enough that selecting the right architect is crucial, and we work with some fantastic and reputable architects.

From the planning phase to onsite construction, we make sure all your ideas and unique design features are included.

Building from existing plans.

Of course, building from existing plans is a breeze too.

We make it our top priority to contact your architect and cement a great working relationship, because open communication is critical to a successful building project.

Interior design consultation.

If you want access to professional interior designers, we also work with an incredible team at White Canvas Interiors.

They specialise in all aspects of interior design including spatial planning, fittings and finishing. We offer a FREE Initial Home Consultation to all clients with Katie McEwan from White Canvas Interiors.

We guarantee your home will not only look incredible but also will function perfectly when it comes to life. By choosing BRB for your new build, you are choosing to minimise risks, so you can relax as your dream home becomes a reality.

Contact us now to discuss your new home project.

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Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

I appreciated the personal contact and his continuous overview of the work in progress, as supplied by his employees/sub contractors.

His employees/sub contractors, provided excellent service and worked to a very high standard. I was also impressed by the way Brad followed up on both projects, some weeks after completion to make sure that all was in order and that I was still happy with the services provided.

“I appreciated the personal contact and Brad's continuous overview of the work in progress, as supplied by Brad's employees/sub contractors.”

Robert Lane, Christchurch

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