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  2. Light commercial
  • Shared office fit-outs, restaurant conversions, intimate meeting places and everything in between.
  • We are used to working within tight deadlines, but still ensure a quality outcome.
  • Budgets. A commercial fit-out needs to provide a return on investment, and we understand and respect this. We know that better working environments mean more productive staff and / or more customer visits, either of which put money onto your bottom line.

More than just ‘Workplaces’. We create working spaces - for you and your people.

Light commercial fit-out. It sounds easy but is far from it.

This is where form and function intersect with your brand and budget. We listen to your functional needs for the fit-out, you provide some indication of available budget for the project, and then we look at how best to use the available space to create the optimum work environment for you and your staff. So far, so good.

However, it is also important that we get to know something about your business and brand.

This helps ensure there is no disconnect between your current brand image, and what your workplace might say about you to any visiting clients and prospects. Of course, your budget is our concern, and rest assured we are all about creating the optimal working spaces we can for you and your people, on time and within budget.

Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

I appreciated the personal contact and his continuous overview of the work in progress, as supplied by his employees/sub contractors.

His employees/sub contractors, provided excellent service and worked to a very high standard. I was also impressed by the way Brad followed up on both projects, some weeks after completion to make sure that all was in order and that I was still happy with the services provided.

“I appreciated the personal contact and Brad's continuous overview of the work in progress, as supplied by Brad's employees/sub contractors.”

Robert Lane, Christchurch

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